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"Truly, the best infuser bottle out there. I decided to start infusing my water, so naturally I needed an infuser bottle that was up to the task. Trust me, the fact that the basket is at the bottom makes a huge difference!" Abe R.

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Gaming mom

Easy to fill, drink, clean… and no leaks!

This is the perfect infusion bottle: everything I’ve been looking for!
* The infusion basket is at the bottom, so your water is constantly being flavored. With the basket at the top on my old bottle, once half the water was gone, the rest didn’t get any flavor except a quick flow through the fruit on the way out of the bottle. Much tastier now!
* Leak proof. The downside of the bottom basket is that there are more seals which could possibly leak, but none have. After a week’s worth of daily use, I am confident enough to throw the bottle into my work bag in the morning and not worry about leaks.
* Easy to clean. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe though I’ve been washing it by hand every night, which is super easy since the top and bottom both come off.
* Easy to fill. The infusion basket of my last bottle had a rounded bottom. To fill it, you had to hold the basket with one hand and fill it with the other. This basket, however, has a flat bottom. I can set it on the cutting board as I cut the fruit and drop it right it. Seems like a little thing, but it makes the job much easier!
* Stays cold. I wasn’t looking for this feature, but the rubbery sleeve keeps my water cold, as well as preventing sweat on the bottle and providing some cushion should you drop it.
* Easy to drink from. One of the reviews mentioned that the flip lid gets in the way while drinking. When I first tried the bottle, I agreed and was disappointed. The seller contacted me to see how I liked the bottle and I mentioned the cap getting in the way. They suggested making sure the cap was pushed back all the way and, sure enough, I hadn’t pushed it back far enough – have no idea why I hadn’t pushed it farther back before except that I’d read that review. Now, the bottle is easy to drink from! Yay, customer service!!!

Pat C.

Love this bottle! Increased my water intake!

I ordered this bottle because I saw grapefruit and mint online as a water infusing recipe. I also have a horrible time with water intake and I thought this might help. After going through multiple reviews, I decided on the Infusion Pro because of the infused being bottom loading and because it comes completely apart, and because the bottle is clear. I love this bottle! The clasp type spout top work great, no leaks, and I love being able to take the top and bottom off for easy cleaning. I place my grapefruit and mint leaves in the infuser, you do have to cut the grapefruit in small chunks, and add water. I used to drink water at room temp and only made it through 1-2 bottle per day. With this, I refill it all day using the same fruit, and I get way more water in. It looks nice and I don’t mind carrying it to work. It fits my cup holder in the car and the one built into my sofa. I think I recall the description saying 24 oz, it actually holds one bottle of water, 16 oz. My sister saw the bottle and tasted the water and ordered hers right from her phone!


Love my infuser!

This thing rocks. I love that the infuser is in the bottom, so your water is infused no matter how little is left. I hate the nasty syrupy fake sugar they put in commercial flavored water & I drink more than a gallon of water a day so…I really wanted to have the ability to switch up regular water without the ick & this does exactly that.

Julia G.

Buy it now!

Buy this now. I like to say that I am a water bottle/ tumbler connoisseur. I have a dozen. This is my favorite. I bought it because it has the infused option but love it so much I use it for everything. I love the colors. Clear and stainless and white. Very modern. I love being able to see how much is left easily and also seeing that it’s clean inside. It’s tall and sleek so it’s easy to hold and fits in all cup holders. The filter and the infuser piece are removable. The bottle also unscrews for easy cleaning. It has a handle for easy carrying. It has a secure snap lid for the mouth hole. I use mine with a straw and never need to close it so I removed the snap lid. It’s very easy and easy to put back on if I change my mind. Comes with a sleeve but so far I have no experienced it sweating. Great price. Have had no issues with leaking. Just buy it and enjoy.


Love, love, love this bottle

I was sent an email before my Infusion bottle reached me. It made sure I was set and ready to start as soon as I got my hands on the bottle. Excellent service!!!!!
This water bottle is so easy to use. You can forget buying those flavored waters from the store and stop throwing plastic water bottles in the trash. The flavors are only limited by your imagination. Cut your fruit or veggie, place it in the holder, fill your bottle with water and enjoy. Every last swallow is flavored because your fruit is in the bottom of the bottle. So far, I have tried watermelon, strawberries and cucumbers. There are recipes you can follow if you aren’t sure where to start. I only wish I had gotten the 2 pack so I could have one in the fridge at all times.

Dee A.

Awesome purchase!!

I recently purchased this infusion water bottle, and I absolutely love it! If you are looking for an infusion bottle, this is THE one to get! I love the design, ease of use, ease of cleaning and care, and it does not leak! I have tried several fruit water mixes and they are all awesome, and this will definitely help me drink more water, and then some. I’ve tried lemon, orange/lemon, lemon/mint, and cucumber/mint so far! I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the owner of Infusion Pro even emailed me a couple of times to make sure I was fully happy with the product, and even sent me a free recipe booklet and quick start guide…what more could you want than that?? Buy this bottle, you cannot go wrong!


Does its job

What can I say, it does it’s job well! I’ve had it for awhile and I’ve had no problems with it. It hasn’t leaked or anything. And I’ve dropped it a few times and it hasn’t broken. I think it looks pretty and I will be going back to this brand when I inevitably drop it for the last time.

Jyll S.

Highly recommend

My name’s Jyll and I have a diet soda addiction. I really don’t like drinking plain water, so I wanted to find something that would liven it up a bit. After searching, I found the Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Water Bottle. This has been great for me! I love switching between citrus combinations (orange and tangerine) to mixing it up with strawberry and pineapple. I’ve used both fresh fruit and frozen fruit in the infuser without issue. If you’re trying to get more water into your diet, I highly recommend this! Easy to clean!

James D.

Great product for a great price!!

So far, I have no complaints for this product. The biggest thing that I love about this product, is that all the flavors are completely up to me and it’s a great way to cut back on the soda and other flavored waters that I drink. I used a lot of flavored water packets, which are filled with sodium, and since having this product, I’ve maybe only had two sodas and I haven’t had any other flavored water. For me, that’s great.

The only downfall is I wish there were more color combinations for the product. Or if I could have gotten just the green one, instead of the white one. I think they should sell different colors separately. Other than that, I think this product is fantastic!!

Terri C.

Exactly what I was looking for

I had a different brand that lasted only a few months. The plastic broke off in the inside and had to throw it away. This one is made very well and looks like it will last for some time. It is the perfect size and I love the sleeve that comes with it to keep my water cold. Very easy to assemble and disassemble.