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"Truly, the best infuser bottle out there. I decided to start infusing my water, so naturally I needed an infuser bottle that was up to the task. Trust me, the fact that the basket is at the bottom makes a huge difference!" Abe R.

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A very good purchase

A very good purchase. I really wanted an infuser that kept the fruit on the bottom, was easy to clean, and had decent capacity. This fits the bill well and after about 1 week of use, I’ve had no issues with leaks after several hand washings. The silicone seals seem well designed and like they will stay put. The bottle was accurately described/photos. It’s a pretty good price point for an infuser bottle with very good features and construction. Overall, would recommend a purchase.


Great bottle for school

Our 13 year-old daughter loves this bottle for school and having on sideline during cross country workouts. She drinks so much more water with a little fruit infused! This bottle is well made and feels sturdy. We purchased another similar bottle from another company that did not feel as sturdy as this one. She does not use the sleeve, although I thought that was a useful feature. I think she likes the way the fruit looks.


Fancy infusion

I bought it for a trip to the beach~ I love the color of white and the real product is exactly the same with the picture! My friend ordered a couple set for her and her boyfriend when she saw it. Glad that the Infusion group is growing bigger~ I started to plant spearmint and believe that Infusion is leading me a healthier life~ Reminder: a bit of lemon is enough if you also want flavors of other fruits. If you are really into lemon, you may add spearmint only. Really enjoy the experience of creating recipes and keep surprising myself!

Bret B.

This bottle is awesome!

Great water infuser bottle. I have put berries in it and right now I cubed up melon and drinking it. It has a lock cap so it doesn’t spill. And it came with extra o rings.



I do not like to drink water. I bought this with the hope that I would be able to increase my daily intake of water. The infusion pro has gone beyond what I felt that I would get from it. I actually enjoy drinking the infused water and can drink the bottle within an hour. I love it! I wish I would have bought a two pack so I could have one ready at all times! Seals on both bottom and top (covering drinking spout) are tight and haven’t yet leaked. if you are searching for a top of the line infusion water bottle, you have found the one to purchase.


Loving my Infusion Pro, highly recommend.

Loving my Infusion Pro. Up until now I was not a fan of drinking water but since I received the Pro I am enjoying it so much more. I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and have tried several combinations of fruit, The flavors are intense and refreshing. I highly recommend using this product. It’s sleek, easy to transport, dismantles easily for cleaning and well worth the money. Definitely a lot of “bang for your buck!!” Love it!



I bought this water bottle in hopes that it would encourage me to drink more water throughout the day and it has definitely worked! The infuser works great. I love to fill it with either lemons or cucumbers to have a little extra flavor in my water. I bought this bottle almost 3 months ago and have used it every day! You can throw this bottle in your bag and not have to worry about it leaking. I don’t usually write reviews, but I love this bottle too much not to review it! The customer service for this company is extremely helpful and wants you to get the most out of your purchase. I highly recommend this bottle!!


A sleek solution for fruit water

I was looking for a bottle like this for a while and it just so happened Amazon had it for a very reasonable price. The bottle is well built, modern and very sleek looking and it feels durable; like it will last a while. Customer service was great too, very quick to respond and dedicated to making sure the customer is happy. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a water infused bottle.


Nice infusion bottle 

Cute bottle, easy to clean and fill. Love the neoprene sleeve to keep liquid cold. Ordered for my daughter who plays soccer, she needed a little flavor with her water and loves to add fresh fruit in it. “Bottle arrived with a cracked insert. We contacted them via email and had a response within hours. Very kind, offered to replace bottle right away and no hassle. Would order again anytime. Highly recommend!


Works and doesn’t leak!

I use this bottle every single day! It is perfect. It can be used for plain or infused water. The sleeve fits the bottle snug and keeps the water colder through the day. The infuser works really well, especially if you let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.