Buy it now!

Buy this now. I like to say that I am a water bottle/ tumbler connoisseur. I have a dozen. This is my favorite. I bought it because it has the infused option but love it so much I use it for everything. I love the colors. Clear and stainless and white. Very modern. I love being able to see how much is left easily and also seeing that it’s clean inside. It’s tall and sleek so it’s easy to hold and fits in all cup holders. The filter and the infuser piece are removable. The bottle also unscrews for easy cleaning. It has a handle for easy carrying. It has a secure snap lid for the mouth hole. I use mine with a straw and never need to close it so I removed the snap lid. It’s very easy and easy to put back on if I change my mind. Comes with a sleeve but so far I have no experienced it sweating. Great price. Have had no issues with leaking. Just buy it and enjoy.