Easy to fill, drink, clean… and no leaks!

This is the perfect infusion bottle: everything I’ve been looking for!
* The infusion basket is at the bottom, so your water is constantly being flavored. With the basket at the top on my old bottle, once half the water was gone, the rest didn’t get any flavor except a quick flow through the fruit on the way out of the bottle. Much tastier now!
* Leak proof. The downside of the bottom basket is that there are more seals which could possibly leak, but none have. After a week’s worth of daily use, I am confident enough to throw the bottle into my work bag in the morning and not worry about leaks.
* Easy to clean. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe though I’ve been washing it by hand every night, which is super easy since the top and bottom both come off.
* Easy to fill. The infusion basket of my last bottle had a rounded bottom. To fill it, you had to hold the basket with one hand and fill it with the other. This basket, however, has a flat bottom. I can set it on the cutting board as I cut the fruit and drop it right it. Seems like a little thing, but it makes the job much easier!
* Stays cold. I wasn’t looking for this feature, but the rubbery sleeve keeps my water cold, as well as preventing sweat on the bottle and providing some cushion should you drop it.
* Easy to drink from. One of the reviews mentioned that the flip lid gets in the way while drinking. When I first tried the bottle, I agreed and was disappointed. The seller contacted me to see how I liked the bottle and I mentioned the cap getting in the way. They suggested making sure the cap was pushed back all the way and, sure enough, I hadn’t pushed it back far enough – have no idea why I hadn’t pushed it farther back before except that I’d read that review. Now, the bottle is easy to drink from! Yay, customer service!!!