Love this bottle! Increased my water intake!

I ordered this bottle because I saw grapefruit and mint online as a water infusing recipe. I also have a horrible time with water intake and I thought this might help. After going through multiple reviews, I decided on the Infusion Pro because of the infused being bottom loading and because it comes completely apart, and because the bottle is clear. I love this bottle! The clasp type spout top work great, no leaks, and I love being able to take the top and bottom off for easy cleaning. I place my grapefruit and mint leaves in the infuser, you do have to cut the grapefruit in small chunks, and add water. I used to drink water at room temp and only made it through 1-2 bottle per day. With this, I refill it all day using the same fruit, and I get way more water in. It looks nice and I don’t mind carrying it to work. It fits my cup holder in the car and the one built into my sofa. I think I recall the description saying 24 oz, it actually holds one bottle of water, 16 oz. My sister saw the bottle and tasted the water and ordered hers right from her phone!