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"Truly, the best infuser bottle out there. I decided to start infusing my water, so naturally I needed an infuser bottle that was up to the task. Trust me, the fact that the basket is at the bottom makes a huge difference!" Abe R.

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Must buy! 

I have been wanting to get one of these infusion bottles. I am not a water drinker I prefer juice or tea, but I needed more water in my life so I thought this could be my answer. And it was! The fruit holder is connected to the bottom so you’re never wasting your fruit to only infuse the top half of your water. If your fruit or cucumber are too large for the fruit holder you can just remove it and use it without. There is a screen on the top portion that prevents seeds or chucks of fruit from coming out. It easily goes in the dishwasher. I will be buying another for my husband who keeps on drinking my new fancy water!

Lydia R.

Best infusion water bottle ever!

I’ve been using this water bottle for a few weeks now, and I am SOOO happy with this purchase. This is the third infusion bottle I’ve owned and it’s BY FAR the best. It’s made of durable materials that won’t break if you bang it around a bit (which I definitely have a tendency to do), and I love all the sleek design features that make putting fruit in so easy and fashionable. Honestly, my only regret is that I didn’t buy a second one, and I am thinking of changing that soon!

UPDATE: The cap broke on my water bottle but I emailed the company, and I got the fastest responses possible and the most friendly and helpful staff on the case! Bradley answered emails, even during the weekend and at all kinds of wild hours, just to make sure that I was satisfied! In less than 24 hours a new cap was sent to me for free with expedited shipping! I am so satisfied with this company and their understanding of my needs that I will be exclusively using their infusion bottles from now on! A+!!!!!!!!!!

Carol the Red

What’s not to like? Awesome infusion bottle! 

Received a couple of days ago–my first infusion water bottle! Like most reviewers, I’m trying to find ways to drink water more and enjoy not only added flavor, but the health benefits of the juices from fruits and citrus, particularly lemon. The design of this bottle (I got white) is awesome and has so many conveniences like opening on the top and bottom, sturdy plastic, leak proof, fits into auto drink holders, holds a large amount of water, includes a cozy, and a very convenient flip top drinking spout. I sometimes take the lid off to drink with or without the “screen” provided if I want to get some big refreshing gulps. I also appreciate the great recipes that you can download on their website. There’s just no down side to this bottle; I highly recommend it!

Sally M.

Great product! 

This is the second infuser water bottle that I have purchased, though the first from this company. I love it! My other one leaks and so it is a giant dribble cup! Also, when I drank from the other, it made a lot of gurgling noises attracting more attention than I wanted. The other bottle I have holds more fruit, but even with the smaller area for fruit, this one is superior – I’m still able to get a lot of flavor. The eBook with recipes is very nice as well. My favorite is still lemon or lime water, but it is fun to try new things. Cucumber/mint is very refreshing. Another thing I really like is the sleeve – it not only helps to keep it cooler, but I don’t get as many odd looks as I did with the other one. Infused water has gotten me off of my sugary soda habit! Never thought that would happen.

Kath L.

Glad I bought these! 

I am really enjoying my Infusion Pro bottle and have received many compliments on it. I wanted to order one for my daughter’s birthday gift, and decided to splurge on the 2 pack, and I’m glad I did! I have used frozen blueberries a few times and mandarin oranges once so far and the taste was wonderful- not like a juice, but pleasantly and mildly flavored water. I like the benefit of being able to completely take the bottle and fruit filter apart for cleaning. The cover helps insulate the bottle and is well made. I recommend this product!


Staying hydrated and enjoying my water more!

When I received my Infusion Pro, I had the beginning of a cold. Infused my water with citrus fruits and my throat immediately felt better. I haven’t ventured to look at recipes, having way too much fun w/ my own creations! Love my cucumber water!! Berry infused is another favorite. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t hold more liquid!! However, I understand that it would be cumbersome and awkward to carry around!! I will be purchasing more for gifts! My new favorite thing! Love it!!

Mary M.

This bottle is great

I have always like putting fruit into my water but this water bottle is great I love the way the infusion part is at the bottom so I get the water and fruit mixed together every time I take a drink. I had looked and looked for a water bottle and when I came across this one. I just knew it was the one so thank you so much and I love it !!!

Bennett M.

Excellent and tasty way to get your recommended hydration!

Great quality product – sturdy construction, nice feeling insulator sleeve. Been doing mainly berry medleys with lemon/lime for an extra zing, but my favorite infusion has to be a “No-jito” with mint leaves, lime and a few pieces of sugarcane with either filtered or seltzer water.

Bought this product to help me remember to keep hydrated – this has done great at not only that but also dramatically dropping how many sodas I was drinking.


Great product and company

I received my infuser water bottle with the infuser insert cracked. I contacted Infuser Pro and they are one of the best companies I have dealt with for customer service. Not only did they respond promptly and replace the infuser insert, they sent me a whole new infuser quicker than I have received regularly ordered products.

With that said, Infusion Pro has been great it has been amazing to have a water bottle I can put fruit in and not swallow seeds. The bottle works great it’s a good size and it cleans easily.

Rachel K.

Best infusion bottle

Update: I bought two more of these after trying another brand that was horrible. Infusion Pro is the BEST!
The Infusion Pro has changed my life! I am now drinking 60-84oz of water a day, replacing soda and sugary juices. The water bottle is easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t leak, and fits perfectly in my car cup holder. I was a little worried that the cap would easily break, however it’s been more resilient than it appears. After a week of heavy use the water bottle still appears new. Very pleased!