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"Truly, the best infuser bottle out there. I decided to start infusing my water, so naturally I needed an infuser bottle that was up to the task. Trust me, the fact that the basket is at the bottom makes a huge difference!" Abe R.

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Rebecca A.

Unique great gift

I bought as a surprise birthday gift for a friend. She absolutely loves it and thought it was a very wonderful, unexpected and practical gift. She was already trying different combinations and has it on her desk during the day, taking it with her on her daily walks and said she will love it on trips. She is having so much fun with it while she feels it is helping her be healthy and refreshed. She is enjoying using it so much and is also having fun trying some of the recipes and different combinations. I can only relay what my friend has said about your product and it has all been very positive and thanked me for having such a unique yet practical gift to her.

Kaitlin E.

Loving this water bottle

I’m loving this infusion water bottle. The best feature is that you can attach the infuser to the bottom so you are infusing the water no matter how much you drink. I’m a little worried about the snap top because it looks like it could break pretty easily… but so far so good. The customer service is excellent so I’m sure they will fix the top if a problem should arise. I have definitely been drinking more water because of this water bottle!

Crystal K.

Great quality

I am blown away by the quality of this water bottle! I would have expected to pay 3-4 times what I did for quality like this! It came with great instructions and literature. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and it looks great! What a fun, easy way to get great tasting water. I will ABSOLUTELY be purchasing the rest of the products in this line. I highly, highly recommend this to everyone!


Great way to drink more water

Great way to drink more water. At first, I was slightly concerned that the bottom screws on. It has not leaked once. Plus, this is great because the fruit stays in water longer. The first day I started using it, other people at work asked me about it and more than one went on Amazon and bought their own. Definitely get this is you are looking for a fruit infusion water bottle!

Michelle W.

Purchased for the classroom

I purchased this water bottle for my daughter. With the updated middle/high school codes, they must now have ONLY CLEAR water bottles in class, and this one fits the bill! I chop up lemons, place them in the cartridge, and freeze them overnight. In the morning, I add water, a few ice cubes, give it a couple of shakes, and she’s good for the day. She loves her new bottle. I have only had it a week, but it seals nicely and seems to be holding up well. It also included two extra seals, for the future. Will consider buying another one for myself in the future.

Jamie A.

Great purchase

I bought this for my husband cuz he wanted to be encouraged to drink more water! Well me buying one for him turned into one for me then one for my mom and one for my best friend! We love it! Definitely encourages u to drink more water! We love the variations of what u can put in them and since its bottom loaded u get flavor till last sip! And we refill bottle 3-4 times w same fruit a day hen next day put new fruit! My moms boss as soon as she saw my moms turned and bought one for herself cuz of the bottom load feature. With a full basket it holds one bottle of 16.9 oz water!


One of the best

This is one of the best infuser water bottles I’ve ever used. It’s the only one I’ve seen that has the infuser tube at the bottom of the bottle – rather than the top. That way the fruit is in the water all the way to the end. It’s very well made – food quality. I drink 3-4 times the water using this bottle.


Very happy with this buy

Very happy with this buy, never leave a bad smell of fruit and vegetables next day and its very convenient for carry along, easy to wash as well. Overall very satisfied with it, definitely recommend to everyone.

Dog Mom

Great infuser bottle. Love it!

I did a detox recently and had to give up soda and coffee. Wanted to give infused water a try. Purchased this bottle infuser and extremely happy with it! I tried out the recipes and went online to find more. The infuser part is large enough to enough to make delicious infused water. Easy to clean. Love the cover to help insulate and keep dry.

Marla S.

Really like this

I really like this infusion bottle. I love how it fills from the bottom. Plenty of room to fill with your favorites to infuse.