Great product! 

This is the second infuser water bottle that I have purchased, though the first from this company. I love it! My other one leaks and so it is a giant dribble cup! Also, when I drank from the other, it made a lot of gurgling noises attracting more attention than I wanted. The other bottle I have holds more fruit, but even with the smaller area for fruit, this one is superior – I’m still able to get a lot of flavor. The eBook with recipes is very nice as well. My favorite is still lemon or lime water, but it is fun to try new things. Cucumber/mint is very refreshing. Another thing I really like is the sleeve – it not only helps to keep it cooler, but I don’t get as many odd looks as I did with the other one. Infused water has gotten me off of my sugary soda habit! Never thought that would happen.