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"Truly, the best infuser bottle out there. I decided to start infusing my water, so naturally I needed an infuser bottle that was up to the task. Trust me, the fact that the basket is at the bottom makes a huge difference!" Abe R.

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Diane T.

Awesome product!

I spent way too much time researching fruit infused water bottles. I am loving the one I chose. The bottom basket is a great idea to keep all the water infused. It’s easy to use and clean. The slots on the basket are a good size, nothing really gets out. Very happy with my purchase.


Excellent product

I bought 6 of these as gifts. Everyone loves them. Some of the comments I received were that they liked the loop on the top for easy carrying, the extra mesh piece that catches seeds, etc. before getting to the mouthpiece, the way that the flip top can be pushed all the way back to stay open if desired, the way that the whole bottle comes apart for perfect cleaning, and the coordination of colors so that if more than one person in the house has the Infusion Pro, it is easy to see which parts go with which bottle. Excellent product. I plan to buy several more.

Susan C.

Love the product

I have never used an infusion bottle but plan to give this one for Christmas gifts this year. I fill the bottle each night for the next day. So far flavor remains throughout the next day even after refilling. Love the product!

Laura J.

Wonderful product 

Great infusion bottle. Everything carefully thought out. It has a nice design, is a good size, has a stay cool cover that’s easy to grip, both ends come off and the strainer comes out, making this very easy to clean.

Addie S.

Five stars

Best decision I have ever made in a purchase. I am very pleased with it! If you are looking to get more water in this is the absolute best way to do it!

Turner S.

Good product, keep the good work going.

I actually bought this product for my wife as a gift. She said it’s an excellent product and it’s best she ever used.

Yvette L.


Perfect for getting started into drinking water. Also looks really pretty when you have your fruit or whatever in the infuser

Dr Grim

Great construction, great product.

Very well constructed bottle. Each opening (top, bottom, and drink spout) is sealed with silicone, and completely leakproof. The infuser cartridge is removable and the holes are of an appropriate size – no worries about smaller fruits and berries spilling out. The neoprene sleeve is a nice touch as well.
I am impressed with how intelligently designed this product is.

Mark D.

Works beautifully

Works beautifully and because of the design, it keeps the fruits submerged in water for longer than the ones with the strainer cylinder at the top. Because of this simple improvement, it keeps the fruit from going bad for longer, meaning your infused water will not taste funny after 2, 3 or even 4 hours.

Gigi B.

I bought this so that I will drink more water…its working.

I bought this so that I will drink more water….it’s working. I use this when I am going to be out for the day and add water. I have an infusion pitcher I use at home. I am finally drinking the water I should!